Sunday, 18 February 2018

Tops and Backs II

More work done on the tops and backs of the current batch. Right now I am done with the bracing and most part of the voicing of the tops. Voicing the backs will be on next week. I will finish this soon which is good because they can hang and set, loose all the tensions and the glue can harden. Then I'll do necks. And I still have the CL Nylon to finish. Good stuff ahead.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Tops and Backs

Working on tops and backs for the current batch. Handsplit braces for an extra light construction of the soundboard. I am working with three very different top materials, two of them are German Alpine Spruce which I use mostly, and one Sitka Spruce top that is allready air dried for 25 years! 

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Next Batch

I've been doing a lot of finish work lately so there was some time in between the drying hours and I started preparing the rosettes for my current batch. I already have written about the OM in Sitka spruce and Italian Olivewood. Alongside that I will be building a 00 with German Alpine spruce and bubinga back and sides which also goes to Guitar Basar Osnabrück and a new fan fret semi baritone guitar with Alpine spruce and Indian rosewood. As you can see I have been looking through my wood stash to pick up some beautiful woods.     



Thursday, 21 December 2017

Next Batch for Osnabrück

Some more stuff going on in the shop the last weeks. I started the next batch of two guitars for the Guitar Basar Osnabrück which are scheduled for mid 2018. The first  one is going to be an OM and its made of very special woods. Old italien olivewood for the back and sides. You can see on the pictures it is not a standart two piece back. I had to "cheat" a little bit to make a back out of this wood. But it was so much worth the effort. Beautiful quarter sawn straight wood which is very rare in olivewood as the trees don't grow that large. Very nice figure in it, too.
For the top wood I picked a 25 year old Sitka spruce. You like the vintage look of the new torrefied tops that everybody offers? This is just naturally aged under best conditions for 25 years and it feels and sounds like that. I can't wait to make a guitar out of that.    


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Nylon Guitar No.21 for Jakob Heymann

The last build for 2017 is my very first nylon guitar since I finished my apprenticeship in 2012. It was commissioned by Liedermacher  (Singer/Songwriter) Jakob Heymann and I am very excited about having it finished within January of the coming year. It is build with a cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides and features a very traditional spanish approach and a Torres inspired bracing. In contrast to the traditional building, design elements are kept modern with a rosewood mosaic rosette and endgraft.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Karlijn Langendijk with the Fan Fret Semi Baritone

Sometimes a guitar takes its time to find the right home. My 2015 Fan Fret Semi Baritone stayed with me for more than 2 years. I build it without a commission but to try out different things I was interested about. I have kept it for myself at home most of the time.
But I took it to the International Guitarfestival in Freepsum this year to exhibit. There guitarist and composer Karlijn Langendijk got to play it and she made this guitar sing like no one else I have ever before heard playing it. Two months later she visited me in my shop and took it home. 
I am incredibly happy and proud that Karlijn now plays one of my instruments. I have been a huge fan of her playing and her music for so long! Hope it inspires you to write more beautiful music Karlijn!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

No. 20

Guitar No. 20 featuring a cedar top and European walnut back and sides. It is the first sunburst guitar I have build....but won't be the last.

The very first guitar I bought myself from money I saved from Christmas and birthday was a Johnson Dreadnought with a sunburst. I sold that later and bought and old 1984 Ibanez Jumbo. Also with a sunburst. This guitar later became my first "victim" after I started working with a luthier and needed to get my hands onto something and try French polishing. I sanded and scraped off the lacquer which was really thick and took forever. But the lacquer was gone and so was the burst and I would make my first experience with shellac. The polishing was no good but the guitar really improved and I was quite happy with it.
So after all this years without a sunburst guitar, again I needed one in my life.