Wednesday, 9 August 2017

12 frets to the body

This is the spruce guitar. In fact its my SJ model but with only 12 frets to the body. Its the first time I build a guitar with this body size as a 12 fret model but I'm already in love with it. It feels very natural on the lap, very comfortable.
In opposite to the cedar guitar this one is more reduced in it's appearance. All appointments are done in Indian ebony which is just pure black. Its all about natural elegance and I think this worked out pretty well.     

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Olive Accents

After the binding was done I wanted to add some accents in olive wood. I chose to make an inlay in the back and came up with a simple block and thick ebony lines that kind of divide the to back pieces optically but without going all the way through. Olive wood is such a joy to work with and I was really amazed how beautiful it came out after scraping. Also the endgraft and the heel are featuring some olive wood from the same piece of wood.   

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Binding Day

After closing to boxes the next thing to do was binding. After all the preparation is done it takes blood (sometimes), sweat (all the time) and tears (hopefully not...only if the fit isn't perfect or mitres don't join properly) ... and a lot of tape.
It is one of the harder jobs in guitar making which there aren't a lot of but this certainly is one of the hard parts, forcing the binding and purfling into place and perfectly fitting along all the contours of the guitar body. But taking off the tape the next day feels like unwrapping a Christmas present...or it ends up in tears (see above)...

Binding is done. Time for a coffee.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Building another Box

This is documenting the box building of my second build from the current batch. It's the SJ model with a Alpine spruce top and Euro Walnut back and sides. The neck is made from Honduran Mahogany and all appointments will be Ebony. The pictures are very much documenting the "Spanish method" of building the box.
I was a bit worried about bending the sides because the Walnut is quite curly but bending was a dream. So easy and so stable, just wonderful wood to work with.
Because of the softness along the grain the back features a lattice bracing system to avoid the sound getting to muddy. At least that's what I hope I will achieve.   

Sunday, 25 June 2017

The next batch

Here are some shoots of the progress with the next batch. I am building three guitars, an OM Western Red Cedar/Euro Walnut, a 12 fret SJ in German Spruce/Euro Walnut and my a Classical for Liedermacher Jakob Heymann build with Western Red Cedar/Indian Rosewood. All three very exciting builds I am looking forward to.
The first box, the OM, is closed already and it features my very first attempt to the floating back brace. An idea of luthier Jeff Traugott to help prevent the back to give in and flaten. Causing the need for a neck reset. It also helps to move the back as one unit. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

L-00 and V-00

The last batch of guitars I have finished include 3 guitars. 2 of them are these 2 very different 00 size guitars that are models L-00 and V-00. The L-00 is based on the famous Gibson 40's L-00 Nick Lukas model and the V-00 is my own interpretation of a modern Parlor with the same size as the Gibson model.
Both guitars were commissioned by the Guitar Basar in Osnabrück and they gave me a lot of freedom to do what I though would be right. A wonderful situation to know you are trusted that much and having the possibility and the responsibility to build what I would be excited about. I chose to use the L-00 model and try and have my own take as well as a very traditional take on it. These guitars are the results.